The consultation is now closed and a planning application was submitted on the 8th march
Land at London Road



This is a consultation event for an outline planning application to establish the principle of a development of up to 75 houses at London Road. We would like to get your input to help shape the proposal.

This is a three hectare site located to the south of Great Chesterford. The aim is for a quality development that fits in with the local surroundings.

We are Axis Land Partnerships.

We have experience of bringing land through the planning process and working with local communities to deliver their aspirations. The team is keen to work with the local community to ensure this development is driven by local wishes and aspirations.


Site Context

A Sustainable Site

We think the site is in a sustainable location. This means we think it already has good access to transport connections and employment, and is on land which does not have significant environmental constraints.

Wider Location Plan

Site Context Plan


Design Considerations

We have taken into consideration the following opportunities and constraints when shaping our proposals:



Our vision is to create a distinctive local village neighbourhood that provides new homes and open space for people at all stages of their lives. The character of the development will be shaped by the distinct qualities of Great Chesterford and the beauty of the surrounding landscape.


Illustrative Masterplan


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